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When should my car be serviced?

We recommend following the manufacturer's recommended service intervals. Different cars follow different schedules. We have all maintenance schedules on our computerized vehicle management system and will be happy to advise you.

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We will do a FREE courtesy check when you come to Bart's Auto Service Inc. We'll examine your tires, fluid levels, belts and more. Our goal is to keep your car in top shape so it lasts longer.

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Why won't my car pass the New York State emissions test?

We are an authorized NYS emissions inspection station. Cars fail the emissions portion of the state test if the "check engine" light is illuminated or if all the vehicle's readiness monitors are not ready. This light warns the driver and the NYS inspection computer that there is a fault within the engine control system


Have your car checked periodically to ensure it is functioning correctly. This will save fuel and your engine will run cleaner.

My car's check engine light has been on for years. Now I am told the car won't pass inspection. What's happening?

The car's check engine light is linked to the car's main computer. When the check engine light is on, it means there is a fault in the engine control system. The fault must be corrected for the car to pass the NYS emission inspection.

My car's warranty is coming to an end? Should I buy an extended warranty for my car?

With the cost of auto repair on the rise, it makes sense to have an extended warranty for your car should any major component needs repair or replacement. If you need help on choosing a policy, call us today. We are happy to help.

How can I get better fuel economy from my car?

Keep your car's engine tuned, replace air filter at least twice a year, have the alignment checked to be sure your car is tracking straight and make sure to check and maintain your tire pressure regularly.

The dealer where I bought my car said I have to bring my car to them for service to uphold the warranty.

Is this true?

No. You can bring your car to any registered repair shop for routine service. The new car warranty will only be voided if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. At Bart’s Auto Service Inc., we follow the maintenance schedule as specified by the manufacturer, so you can be sure your car is maintained correctly